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RAMON’s First Ladle Slag Detection System (Vibration Type)

RAMON’s First Ladle Slag Detection System (Vibration Type)

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RAMON’s First Ladle Slag Detection System (Vibration Type) 





During the continuous casting process, the technology to detect the slag flowing from ladle to tundish has become an important research among all countries. There are many detection methods at home and abroad, such as infrared detection, electromagnetic induction, ladle weighing, and ultrasonic method, etc. But due to the particularity of the continuous casting process and the atrocious casting conditions, it causes higher cost to install, use and maintain the detection systems. Therefore, people begin to look for a kind of steel slag detection system with low cost, high reliability and small modification to the existing equipment. RAMON Vibration Ladle Slag Detection System was just developed under such background.

 The year 2009 is of great significance to the project team of vibration ladle slag detection system. The R&D of vibration ladle slag detection system has obtained final success in 2009. From April to December, 2007, the project team made a lot of attempts to find correct algorithm and did experiments in a dozen steel plants one after another. The manager of this project has been changed four times. This project has experienced disappointment and failure once and once again. In May 2008, CEO Tian personally served as the project manager and invented two new detection devices, which have obtained the national patent.

 Perseverance is victory. After 31 months, namely 932 days, RAMON has successfully developed vibration ladle slag detection system. Mr. Fei An was appointed as the project manager in 2011. He solved the onsite problems vigorously at early 2012 and insisted on staying at the steel plant for two full months to get the first-hand data personally. During that time, he improved the system based on the data algorithm and completed the tundish level control program debugging, which is written by SCL. This system has successfully replaced foreign system by its perfect control precision. The project finally got acceptance smoothly with its natural alarm rate up to 96%.

 In July 2012, RAMON successfully won the bidding of vibration ladle slag detection project, invited by POSCO, South Korea, to apply to No. 4 stainless steel billet CCM. Confronting many strong foreign competitors, RAMON won the recognition of the clients with its first-class technology and service.

 Any success must be based on large preparation so as to realize the qualitative change. In April 2013, RAMON Vibration Ladle Slag Detection System successfully got project acceptance at POSCO, South Korea. It only took a week from installation to project acceptance, breaking the installation record of RAMON overseas projects. The high efficiency of RAMON was highly praised by the customers. The successful application of RAMON vibration ladle slag detection system to POSCO, South Korea has accelerated the step of RAMON technology entering the global market.

“Made-in China is good and RAMON is very good!”