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RAMON Oxygen Measurement Instrument

RM-100S Temperature and Oxygen Measurement System consists of RM-100S temperature and oxygen measuring instrument, RM-101B large screen display and RM-102B process controller, providing a better temperature and oxygen measurement system for the steelmaking operators. The abundant metallurgical calculation procedures can get both separate measurement and simultaneous measurement of various data. All information related to the measuring process, results and other data can be clearly displayed on the instrument screen. Over 100,000 times of measurement data can be stored, inquired, and displayed on the screen at any time. They can also be transmitted to other devices through Ethernet.
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RM-100S temperature and oxygen measuring instrument can measure and calculate the following data: 

Molten steel temperature and oxygen activity
Carbon content of primary melting molten steel
Acid-soluble aluminum content of refining molten steel 

Technical Index

1、Temperature measuring range: 

S Type (Pt10 %, Rh/Pt) 1100 ℃ ~ 1760 ℃
R Type (Pt10 %, Rh/Pt) 1100 ℃ ~ 1760 ℃
B Type (Pt30 %, Rh/Pt) 1100 ℃ ~ 1820 ℃ 
Temperature display C/F, resolution: 0.1℃

2、EMF measuring range: 900mV ~ + 900 mV, resolution: 0.1 mV      

3、Measuring precision:Temperature: ±1℃, EMF:1mV

4、Oxygen activity (ppm) measuring range:1ppm~1000ppm, resolution: 0.01ppm 

Product Advantages 

Accurate temperature and oxygen potential measuring module. 
Developed based on X86 platform, the system is equipped with various signal interfaces to realize connection with the steel plant secondary network without adding other network devices. 
Over 100,000 times of measurement data can be stored for more than 10 years, providing reliable basis for process improvement. (The data storage of the similar products is only 400 to 1000 times.) 
RAMON remote assistant software can be embedded to ensure timely and reliable service. (Optional) 

Project Significance/ Benefit Analysis 

Accurate measurement of molten steel oxygen activity can ensure reasonable additive amount of deoxidizer so as to avoid waste of alloy elements to reduce the smelting cost. 
Accurate measurement of temperature and oxygen can shorten the smelting time, save energy, improve smelting efficiency, increase productivity and benefits. 

Typical Cases

Typical Customers

Southwest Stainless Steel, Yanggu Wuyue, Sha Steel, India Mukand Limited.

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