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Ramon EAF Production Management and Control System

Industry 4.0

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Ramon EAF Production Management and Control System


Ramon EAF production management and control system is a best-of-breed combination of production factors(man, machine, material, loop and method) used to look for the most optimized and scientific standardized operation flow for steel plants and realize the JUST-IN-TIME production and production maximization. With standardized operation, the fine management can be realized, the operation flow of each process can be regulated and the post duty can be defined, which provides basic work data for supervisor and helps them improve their management level. The system can also reduce unnecessary waste like time, alloy, stock and energy consumption to improve production competitiveness. The integration of auto control system and industrial big data through the intelligent production management and control system promotes the interconnection of various business in steelmaking plant and realizes the building up of a digital intelligent factory. 

Ramon EAF production management and control system (production control center) is used to centrally control production factors including production plan, furnace-machine matching, production rhythm, production condition adjustment, process requirement, abnormal status control and so on. One operation interface, one set of models, one command center, one production driving point and the whole process Just-in-time establishment; build the JIT production model of automatic matching, automatic error correction and efficiency priority for multiple furnaces and multiple machines to achieve the scientific, high efficient, accurate and balanced production goal.


1、M&C Range

2、Comprehensive Kanban(Dashboard)


Provide related data and information as per heat no., shift and date including production, technology, process data, indicator, system model, time flow M&C, production navigation, data integration report, production daily report, cost report, etc. You can control them with your mobile phone directly, synchronously and in real-time and know the market situation at any time and in any place. The mobile terminal app installation packet is suitable for both Android and Apple system.

4、Benefit Analysis

5、Application Cases

The average daily output of 120t converter of Yangchunxin Iron and Steel: increase from 7500t in 2017 to 10000t right now; annual output reaches 3.48millon tons in 2019, increased by 33% in two years; annual output reaches 3.6 million tons.

Result Analysis/Benefit Analysis

1)Use JIT model to regulate the control of the whole process time flow, constantly improve production bottleneck and eliminate the factors affecting production to greatly improve the steelmaking capacity, achieve balanced and stable production, maintain the production capacity about 85-86 heats and maintenance time around 75-76 heats every day. 

2)The whole process management and control of 8 technical models, 12 control models, 16 consumption indexes, 20 evaluation indexes and 28 production technical indexes of the system regulates the operation behavior of staff and greatly improves the consumption indexes of steelmaking.

Steel consumption is reduced by 4-5kg; slag consumption is reduced by 5kg; tapping temperature is kept at 1640-1642 ℃ for four shifts all the time; final blowing rate is controlled within 3%; tundish temperature is kept stably at 1525±5 ℃; system cost is estimated to be 20 yuan/ton. Many indexes rank the top three in the industry in 2018-2019

3)Reduce iron consumption. With the help of the heat balance calculation model, the operation differentiation and temperature control can be improved, so as to increase the quantity of scrap steel added in the hot metal ladle and in the converter, and ensure the terminal temperature stability.

4)Basically eliminate team differences. The difference of production heat number, output, oxygen consumption, lime consumption and tapping temperature of different shifts has been significantly improved, basically all eliminated. 

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