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RAMON Stopper Digital Control System

Industry 4.0

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RAMON Stopper Digital Control System

Adopted with embedded stopper digital control mechanism and combined with RAMON mould level measurement system to realize mould level automatic control, which meets the requirement of constant casting speed and constant mould level. It is an indispensable system to ensure stable production, avoid breakout/overflow accidents and improve cast product quality in continuous casting process.

Functional Advantages 

New one-integration oriented stopper rod mechanism ensures the high control precision. The new type crossbeam with high temperature resistance (temperature resistance: 1100℃)can be customized and supplied to avoid stopper lose control accident due to the crossbeam deformation which caused by long-term operation under high temperature environment.     

New generation of high precision digital electric actuator, the motor precision is 65535 pulses, electric actuator linear precision is ±0.01mm, it is high temperature resistance without additional cooling and protection measures required. 

System is quick response and constant mould level assured.

With three control modes: auto, semi-auto and manual. 

With functions of nozzle protection, breakout/overflow intelligent judgment and auto processing etc.

With auto startup functional module which can reduce the length of the head slab and the quality of the head slab is improved.

With breakout prediction joint debugging functional module, device safety is improved.  

With molten steel vortex inhibition functional module which can restrain mould level fluctuation efficiently in casting final stage.

With bulging compensation functional module which can restrain mould level fluctuation of peritectic steel efficiently. 

With flocculating inhibition functional module which can reduce low carbon high quality cast product demotion caused by mould level fluctuation. 

With oscillation compensation functional module which can eliminate the influence of mould oscillation on mould fluctuation. 

With fault diagnosis functional module for quick positioning of fault position and cause.  

With remote diagnosis functional module for user to check and guide the treatment remotely. 

Technical Index

Stopper control precision (mm):±0.01

Mould level fluctuation range:≤±3mm 

Auto casting startup success rate:≥98%

System response time (s) :≤0.1

Crossbeam working temperature (℃):≤1100

Benefit Analysis 

The labor cost is reduced.

The length of head blank is reduced while the quality of head blank is improved with auto casting startup. 

Mould level fluctuation is ±3mm and hit rate over 98%, the product grade demotion is reduced.

Breakout and overflow accidents are reduced. 

Typical Customers

Baowu Group, Shagang Group, Shougang Group, Hebei Steel Group, Valin Steel Group, Anshan Steel Group, Shanxi Taigang, Liuzhou Steel, Ningbo Steel, Shaoshan Steel, Dongbei Special Steel, JSPL (India), LloydsSteel (India), Iran Steel etc.

Up to now, over 3800 sets of SDCS are in use in home and abroad, and the domestic market share is over 85%.






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