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China’s First Mould Level Measurement System (Eddy Current Type) by RAMON


China’s First Mould Level Measurement System (Eddy Current Type) by RAMON

China’s First Mould Level Measurement System (Eddy Current Type) by RAMON

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Among the foreign advanced eddy current mould level measurement sensors, the largest measuring range is only 150mm and the reliable control range is 50 to 80mm. However, the sensor independently created by professor Mr. Tian Zhiheng and the analytical circuit increases the measuring range to 300mm. The long-term stability can be maintained within 2%, making a major breakthrough in the field of international eddy current detection technology.

In 1995, the eddy current type mould level measurement system developed by RAMON was successfully applied to No.2 Steel Plant of WISCO. Then CEO Tian Lu, together with the engineer Mr. Wu Xiaowu, took the newly developed system to Pan Steel. They introduced and demonstrated how the new product detected the molten steel level to each department they have visited. One day they went into the technical department to carry out the demonstration to those technicians as usual. Mr. Chen, chief of the technical department, stared them for a long time and demonstrated personally from time to time. After a while, Chief Chen shook his head and told CEO Tian that “The detection of this equipment may not be accurate.” CEO Tian did not refute him immediately but promise him that he would solve the problem after three days. As expected, CEO Tian fulfilled his promise three days later. Chief Chen witnessed the improvement of the measurement accuracy of RAMON eddy current type mould level measurement system in just three days. It proved RAMON’s R&D strength to the customers, which also deepened the trust of the customers to RAMON.

      However, it was not easy to sign the contract, since it has become a trend for the steel mills in China to apply the foreign equipments at that time. It was generally believed that foreign technology is better than the domestic. Many leaders worried once problems of the domestic technology occurred, they may be responsible for the result. But Mr. Li Maolin, the technical director of Pan Steel, resolutely decided to choose RAMON technology. The general manager of Pan Steel put a query to him “How can you deal with it provided the technology of RAMON fails?” Director Li firmly replied “I will guarantee. I promise to quit once RAMON fails!” RAMON eddy current type mould level measurement system was finally applied to Pan Steel.

      Sharing our story

      Mr. Li Maolin

      Deputy general manager of Pancheng Steel

      I still remembered that Tian Lu brought the newly developed eddy current type mould level measurement system to the continuous casting conference held in Shanghai in 1996. As soon as I saw the model machine I told Tian Lu “I suggest you to come with me to Pan Steel after the conference. We are discussing about the contract of eddy current measurement system with Swede. We have already signed the technical agreement. But if China has this technology itself, we must use the technology of China. Why don’t we support our national technology?” So we reached our first cooperation. The fact proved that RAMON didn’t fail to live up to our expectations. We hope that RAMON, as one of the representatives of national original technologies, will serve our own steel enterprises better and better.