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RAMON Robot Temperature Measuring and Sampling System

Industry 4.0

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RAMON Robot Temperature Measuring and Sampling System


Equipment Function

Automatic sampling
Automatic temperature measuring 
Automatic probe clamping, mounting and dismantling
Different type of Probes storage
Alarm of insufficient probe in storage box
Automatic cooling function of measuring lance
Molten steel level detection
Real-time Monitoring of system operation, accurate positioning of the fault alarm point

Performance Parameter

emperature measurement success rate of molten steel: ≥96%;
Sampling success rate of molten steel: ≥96%;
Success rate ofprobe automatic clamping and dismantling: ≥98%;
Repeated positioning deviation of probe insertion:≤50mm;
Singletime measuring/sampling period:≤60s;
Storing capacity: 20 pieces of temperature measuring probe, 20 pieces of sampling probe(customizable ).


Main technical features

The system is based on industrial robot as the platform, with flexible action, and strong adaptability to environment and working condition.
High automation level It can realize the whole process automation of temperature measuring and sampling.
High safety. It uses robot to replace manual operation which can reduce, reduce the harm caused by high temperature radiation, molten steel, steel slag splashing.With molten steel level detection function, this system can automatically adjust the insertion depth of the measuring lance in the molten steel,The temperature measuring and sampling results are stable.
Temperature measurement lance can be cooled by compressed air to prolong the service life.
Storing monitoring system can real-time remote monitor the system working status to achieve pre-alarm and pre-maintenance.
Measuring lance adopts split type quick mount&dismount structure, easy to  maintain.
Easy and friendly operation
High reliability and low maintenance rate

Typical Cases

User       Installation effect      Work object       Sampling effect

Shagang Group 




    100t EAF



Typical customers

Shagang Group, Valin Group Lianyuan Iron and Steel, Shandong Luli Iron and Steel, etc.

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