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Molten iron ladle intelligent management and control (MILIMC) system

Industry 4.0

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Molten iron ladle intelligent management and control (MILIMC) system


The molten iron ladle intelligent control system integrated the functions of receiving blast furnace molten iron, transportation, buffer storage, molten iron pretreatment, and charging hot metal in converter. The MILIMC system achieved precise positioning of molten iron ladle, and precise control of temperature drop on molten iron ladle. The molten iron material flow, time flow, and information flow are seamlessly connected from iron to steel, shortening the process flow, reducing the temperature drop, iron loss, and smoke emission points. Opening a new era of smart management and control in which the operating efficiency of molten iron ladle has been comprehensively improved.

The MILIMC system realizes the intelligent docking of iron and steel with precise and lean. This system reduces iron consumption and comprehensively achieves three major goals, three stability and three tasks, solved the production bottleneck.

Three goals

•  Reduce the temperature drop during molten iron process

•  Increase the amount of cold material

•  Decrease the running cost of molten iron ladle

Three stabilities

•  Stabilize the temperature of molten iron into the furnace

•  Stabilize the composition of molten iron into the furnace

•  Stable molten iron loading weight

Three tasks

•  Improve the operating efficiency of molten iron ladle

•  Centralized management and control of molten iron ladle

•  Replace manual sampling for measuring molten steel temperature during steelmaking

The integrated data sharing platform is formed through interconnection with systems such as iron before MES and steel rolling MES; This system optimizes all production and transportation plans, and synchronously coordinates the upstream and downstream processes, making iron and ladle transportation more transparent and achieving real-time viewing location and production performance of the molten iron ladle in the whole molten iron ladle transportation path; Besides, this system established fast, accurate and shareable archive information of molten iron ladle to reach seamless connection of iron and steel operations and achieved coordination and unification of multiple operations such as iron control, vehicle schedule, iron ladle schedule management, and crane schedule management, etc.. Furthermore, the system opens up connection channels between all working processes, so that the production organization can be controlled orderly. It has potential point for the production organization to excavate the benefits and entry point to exert the system effect.

Function template introduction and application

1. Operation process of molten iron ladle

2. Navigation map of molten iron ladle

3. Time flow control of the whole process

4. Prediction model of molten iron temperature and composition

According to the influencing factors of the system construction, the MILIMC system can accurately predict the temperature of the molten iron to the station and the composition, and provide the temperature measurement prompt for abnormal conditions, replaced manual sampling for measuring molten steel temperature during steelmaking.

5. Mobile control

24- Hour monitoring, shorten the distance between management and site;

 find problems in time, solve the problems on site most accurately and quickly.

7.  Duration control model

The MILIMC system adopts networking technology, information technology, wireless communication, identification and tracking technology, achieving precise positioning and tracking the molten iron ladle continuously without dead angle. This system spans multiple platforms, breaks the island of information and connects the steel process closely. Meanwhile, the system has characteristic of timely prejudgment and well-organized to greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operators. It is on the way to stable, orderly, balanced efficient operation mode.

At January 15, 2020, Yangchun Iron and Steel Company adopted the MILIMC system and achieved intelligent control, replaced that traditional ladle transportation scheduling which required to artificial speech to transmit information. The turnaround time of the molten iron ladle is reduced to 300 minutes, the temperature drop of the molten iron is within 180 ℃ , and the system in Yangchun established a seamless connection with other production information systems and an information sharing system between operations and management departments from all processes, reaching the industry leading level.

Typical customers : Lianyuan Steel Company, Yangchun Iron and Steel Company.


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