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RAMON Automatic Steelmaking System
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RAMON Automatic Steelmaking System

RAMON automatic steelmaking technology is used to detect the slag status inside BOF as well as the flame information and flue gas in real time, grasp BOF steelmaking information entirely, adjust lance position and material feeding dynamically to improve BOF steelmaking stability and hit the endpoint accurately.
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Functional Advantages 

Less requirements on BOF, system is not limited by the capacity of BOF.

Standardized operation, the molten steel quality is improved. 

Whole process analysis of molten steel temperature and composition to optimize the material feeding and lance operation. 

Strong process control ability to stabilize steelmaking process and improve production management level. 

Product Advantages 

High automation level. The automation of data acquisition and record, material feeding, blowing is realized. Strong dynamic control ability. The technologies such as gas analysis and sonar slag detection etc. improved the process control ability.
High safety. System is processed by different detection principles in redundancy to ensure site production stability.
Low consumption. The probe consumption is reduced while the row material utilization efficiency is improved.  

Benefit Analysis (120t BOF)

The endpoint hit rate is improved, number of furnace tilting is reduced, average tap-to-tap time is shortened. Take the furnace average tilting time as 4min for calculation, suppose the endpoint hit rate is improved by 30%, the tap-to-tap time of one heat of furnace is 30min, and take 80% operation time as calculation, as a result it increases the production by: 24/0.5*30%*4*80%/30=1.5 heats.

The slopping is controlled efficiently, BOF blowing loss is reduced, the BOF average blowing loss is 0.5%~5% before system is put into use, take the daily blowing number of heats is 30, slopping is happened on 30% of the heats, slopping loss is 1% of the BOF capacity, and the single furnace annual working day is 330 for calculation, as a result the annual benefit is: 120t*9 heats/day*330 days*1%*90%*2000CNY/ton=6.40 million CNY.

The endpoint hit rate is improved and supplementary blowing times are reduced, the iron material consumption is reduced, normally it is 0.2%~0.5% (hereby it takes 0.2% for calculation). 120t furnace with 1.4milltion tons of annual yield, the price of iron and steel is 3000 CNY/ton, as a result the benefit by reducing the iron and steel consumption is: 140*10000*0.2%*3000/10000=8.40 million CNY.

The furnace lining erosion is reduced which is around 6%, the refractory material erosion is around 0.4% of the iron and steel material, the BOF refractory material price is around 2500CNY/ton, then it save cost is: 140*0.4%*6%*10000*2500CNY=0.84 million CNY.

Energy saving and emission reduction, the energy consumption, oxygen consumption and CO2 emission etc. caused by supplementary blowing are reduced 

The working environment is improved. The labor intensity and mental stress are reduced.

Typical Customers 

Baosteel Group, Yuhua Steel, Fujian San’an Steel, Tianjin Tiangang United Special Steel etc.

Fujian San’an Steel Yuhua Steel Baosteel Group
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