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RAMON Electric Actuator Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System
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RAMON Electric Actuator Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System

RAMON EAMNOS is the first innovative case in the world by utilizing the electric actuator as the power source to realize non-sinusoidal oscillation. The digital servo electric actuator is adopted instead of the hydraulic cylinder (or structure of motor + eccentric gear) to drive the non-sinusoidal oscillation of mould weighing several tons or even dozens of tons. The control precision is one order of magnitude higher than that of the hydraulic cylinder. RAMON EAMNOS has been widely used in slab, billet, round, bloom, and beam blank casters etc. with applications over 1000 strands at home and abroad.
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Technical Index



Oscillation frequency (cpm)


Deflection rate (mm)


Oscillation vertical deviation (mm)


Oscillation transverse deviation (mm) 


Amplitude deviation (mm)



Functional Advantages 

Realize non-sinusoidal oscillation, parameters such as amplitude, frequency, waveform function etc. are online adjustable. 
Improve mould lubrication conditions, the depth of oscillation mark is reduced therefore the cast product surface quality is improved. 
Simple configuration, easy installation, less maintenance time and cost.  
High control precision, multi-actuators synchronous movement is able to realize mould linear or simulated arc movement. 
Benefit for high speed casting and CCM productivity improvement. 
Various waveform curves according to different cross sections and steel grades can be set and stored. 
Digital storage and utilization of oscillation parameters to master the quantitative relation between the cast product quality and the oscillation parameter.  
Compared with hydraulic oscillation system, the EAMNOS is lower consumption, higher stability, less operation cost, lower noisy and easier maintenance. 



Typical Customers 

User        Installation photo     Surface quality before use RAMON EAMNOS Surface quality after use RAMON EAMNOS

No.5 CCM of Baosteel




Slab caster, JSW, India  


Billet Caster, JSW-Salem, India


Tung Ho Steel Corporation, Taiwan

Typical Customers

Baosteel Group, Nanjing Steel Group, Kunming Steel Group, Liuzhou Steel Group, Handan Steel, Guangxi Longshen Steel (40 strands of billet + 4 strands of slab), Yangchun Steel, Puyang Steel, Shougang Group, Jiangyin Xingcheng Steel,Taiwan Dragon Steel Corporation, JSW/ISMT/Electro (India), ArcelorMittal (Mexico), People Steel (Pakistan), KISHCO (Saudi Arabia), Lion Group Amsteel (Malaysia)etc. 
Up to now, more than 1000 sets of RAMON EANOS have been applied in billet, rectangular, slab, bloom, round, and beam blank casters successfully in home and abroad. abroad.   
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