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RAMON Mould Oscillation Monitoring System
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RAMON Mould Oscillation Monitoring System

As the mould and its oscillation device are the key equipments in continuous casting process, the MOMS is availableto detect the mould oscillation status and variation process of frequency, amplitude, and waveform curve varied with the casting speed so as to judge the faults such as transmission system abrasion, guiding system deviation etc,
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Functional Advantages

Provide data basis for the operation and maintenance of oscillation table.

Provide data support for the improvement of cast product surface quality.

Detect mould oscillation status correctly to prevent the occurrence of accident.

Create intelligent diagnosis report which is helpful for quick analysis of the oscillation table fault point.

Provide accurate oscillation technological parameters and records for the development of new steel grade. 

Technical Highlights

1、Offline type

Small volume and portable design, it can quick detect multi-strands without affecting the daily maintenance of mould.

Adopted with high sensitive sensor which is manufactured via MEMS technology, it is able to detect three directions synchronously. The sensor is easy to be installed by magnet adsorption mode.

2、Online type

Adopted with high sensitive sensor which is manufactured by MEMS technology, it is able to detect three directions synchronously. The online type of MOMS can monitor the oscillation status online without affecting normal production.

The sensor is fixed on the oscillation frame by the fixing support, which is stable and reliable, easy installation and replacement. It is equipped with protective cover for waterproof and dustproof to improve sensor service life.

3、Strong data analysis function and direct displaying, provides three-dimensional displaying graph and spectrum analysis graph.

4、Display oscillation waveform, the oscillation frequency is detected in real time and historical data can be saved in long time for data query. 

Technical Index

System detection measuring range:±10mm amplitude,±2mm deflection

Frequency detection range:50~600cpm

Amplitude detection precision :±0.03mm

Deflection detection precision:±0.02mm

Frequency detection precision:≤0.2cpm

Phase detection precision: ≤1ms

Deflection rate detection precision:≤0.04

Working duration without external power supply(offline type):4hous

Sensor working temperature: -20 ~+85℃

Typical Customers 

Xinyu Steel, Wuhan Steel, Xining Special Steel, Nanjing Steel, Hanbao Steel, Panzhihua Steel, CISDI Group Co., Yongyang Special Steel, Yangchun Steel, Handan Steel, Jiangyin Xingcheng Steel, One Steel (Australia), DONGKUK (South Korea), SEAH and SEAH CSS (South Korea) etc.




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