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RAMON Production Intelligent Management and Control System

Industry 4.0

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RAMON Production Intelligent Management and Control System

RAMON Production Intelligent Management and Control System, based on the first-level PLC, SCADA data acquisition system and testing instruments of basic equipment, combined with the secondary control model, edge calculation and process measurement and control system of steelmaking process, establishes an industrial big data acquisition platform for enterprise. accesses MES system application, gets through links such as ERP, CRM and SCM to realize the co-production from inside to outside. This platform provides multi-terminal, multi-form accesses to control internal production of enterprise, also provides a unified access standard for outside therefore real-time information flow can be provided for customers, manufacturers, designers, suppliers, logistics providers, etc. to realize collaborative production.

System Function

Comprehensiveness:This product software covers key business of enterprises, including trade system, logistics system, measurement system, automation system, inspection and laboratory testing system.It starts from the number tracking and management of casting pipes, embodies the longitudinal penetration and horizontal integration of process.The integrated order design, quality design, operation plan, logistics tracking and quality control realize the synchronization of logistics and information flow.
Advancement: The system has endowed Ramon with 25 years of process improvement experience in automatic measurement and control technology, summarizing and refining the construction and management ideas in line with MES of casting pipe.
Compatibility: Pre-set function modules that can be rapidly deployed, and "On Demand" product functions;
Integration: Strong integration capability, can integrate DANIELI, SIEMAG, WONDERWARE, GE, AB, Anigen, (Zksoftwar;/ZKTeco?) and other international mainstream automation process control systems;
Uniqueness: Unique process to track the identity of the cast pipe to ensure the uniqueness of the identity of the cast pipe.

Benefit Analysis

For managers: transparency of production, efficiency increased by 20%
For production dispatcher: intelligent assistant scheduling, efficiency increased by 30%
For quality management department: whole process production-driven quality management, efficiency increased by 50%
For workshop: accurate and fast recording of production process, efficiency increased by 15%
For workshop automation: automation improvement of workshop production to 70-90%
For information center: IT investment value protection

Built on the basis of MES and is the core of RAMON intelligent factory software platform. With the number tracking of cast pipe as the main line, the aim is to establish an industrial data acquisition platform for pipe department of Wuhu Xingxin Pipes. On the basis of the data platform, The MES system is introduced including its order management, plan scheduling, operation management, production performance, quality management and other modules It also combines Level L2, L3 and L4 system software (ERP, CRM, SCM, trade system, measuring system, etc.) of the intelligent manufacturing system to create the integration of production and marketing, production order visualization and quality comprehensivemanagement in cast department.

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