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Yellow Minions Flow into Tanghe Ancient City Ruins, Wonderful RAMON Team Building Activity.


Yellow Minions Flow into Tanghe Ancient City Ruins, Wonderful RAMON Team Building Activity.

Yellow Minions Flow into Tanghe Ancient City Ruins, Wonderful RAMON Team Building Activity.

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 “Unique meaning, RAMON staff travel together” In the afternoon of June 14, 2019, more than 300 RAMON staff of Changsha branch gathered in beautiful Ningxiang and participated in the two-day team building activity, which is held by human resource department of Changsha branch. RAMON CEO Mr. Tian Lu led RAMON team to take dynamic campfire party and team games. It helped to enhance the RAMON staff team cohesion while relaxing themselves.

 In the early summer cool breeze, RAMON staff were treading on leisurely and confident steps, came to Ningxiang Red Sun Hot Spring Resort and held interesting campfire party. Beers, barbecue, singing and dancing... 15 groups were comparing morale, trying to win the unity. The most approachable RAMON CEO Mr. Tian Lu danced with his employees, communicated and integrated with them. Everyone felt warm like home in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

      “996!997!998!999!1000!” Along with energetic shouting, RAMON staff started the challenging energy-circle team development activity. RAMON staff ran for 1000 circles while the running goal is 800 circles, all RAMON staff are united and forged ahead with toughness, confident in challenging everything.

 Facing the bright sunshine, RAMON staff came to beautiful Tanghe Ancient City Ruins, visited Tanghe Museum, watched a wonderful show of Tanghe Love Through the Ages. 15 groups participated in the carpet-like treasure hunt activity in the Tanghe Ancient City Ruins, it seemed that the Tanghe Ancient City Ruins was attacked by RAMON Yellow Minions for a while, and everyone enjoyed the rich culture of Tanghe Ancient City Ruins in the game.

 After two days of accumulate points competition, the winners were selected, RAMON CEO Mr. Tian Lu awarded to the winning team and made a inspiring speech.

 RAMON staff’s passion didn’t wear down by tiredness, however, they made a brilliant talent show and gathered to listen to RAMON CEO Mr. Tian Lu's brilliant speech on team culture after dinner, everyone expressed that “ Thanks for RAMON providing such a platform”, “We feel happy to work in such a warm enterprise” through this activity.