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RAMON Donated 10 million Yuan to Talent Fund of Wuhan University

RAMON Donated 10 million Yuan to Talent Fund of Wuhan University

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"A year's plan is like planting crops; a decade's plan is like planting a tree; a lifetime's plan is like cultivating a man". Talents are the inexhaustible driving force for social development and national prosperity.

As a high-tech enterprise, RAMON always adheres to R&D and innovation, and is committed to rejuvenating China through science and technology. On September 29, Dr. Tian Lu, President of RAMON company, donated 10 million yuan to the talent introduction fund of Wuhan University on behalf of RAMON company in his capacity as the alumnus of the 79thmetal physics of Wuhan University, President of Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University and President of RAMON company, to support the construction and development of Hongyi school, and the talent cultivation and talent introduction of national universities with practical actions.

Dr. Tian Lu, Duan Wenting, Minister of human resources of RAMON Changsha branch, Shan Changqingand Liu Jia, members of Alumni Association of Wuhan University, attended the donation ceremony as representatives. Dou Xiankang, President of Wuhan University, Li Jiancheng, vice president, Wu Ping, vice president, heads of relevant functional departments such as the party and government office, Hongyi school, and student representatives of Hongyi school attended the donation ceremony and witnessed this donation together. At the ceremony, President Dou Xiankang presented the donation certificate to Dr. Tian Lu.

As an outstanding alumni representative of Wuhan University, Dr. Tian Lu recalled his experience of studying in Wuhan University and starting a business from scratch, also sincerely expressed his cherish of memory on good campus time in Wuhan University and his gratitude for obtaining a solid discipline foundation at the donation ceremony.

Under the leadership of President Tian Lu, RAMON has become an intelligent manufacturing leading brand in the iron and steel industry in 26 years, which is inseparable from the support of national policies, and also inseparable from continuous technological innovation and talent driven. Education thrive, then talents appear; science and technology develops, then the country be strong! RAMON will not forget the original intention, work together with gratitude and dedication, for the country, for science and technology, for the cause of education to write a more brilliant future!