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The sixth year of RAMON public welfare-Planting dreams and sketch the future

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   On May 31, 2019, the public welfare activity of caring for left behind children initiated by Mr. Tian Lu, CEO of RAMON. 32 children from primary school in poverty spent a happy and meaningful June 1 children's day in Changsha.

   On the morning of May 31, the RAMON bus loaded with teachers and students drove steadily into the science and technology park. 16 RAMON volunteers had been waiting here for a long time. They carefully carried luggage and arranged dormitories for the children. Later, the children visited the production line and research building of RAMON, and were very curious about the robot operation performance. In the afternoon, the children came to Wuyue square to make handmade paintings and experience the new joy in their creation. In the evening, the volunteers brought the children the magical Newtonian non fluid experiment. Many children said, "The experiment is so interesting!"

   On June 1, the company organized the children to visit the provincial science and Technology Museum, so that the children could increase their knowledge in the visit and experience. At night, surrounded by cakes, music, dancing and games, the children spent an unforgettable day of the June 1 children's day party, feeling the warmth of the family under the care of the volunteers.

   "I hope that when you come back from our company, you will have an ideal, that is, you should study knowledge and culture earnestly, have a good performance, grow up and join a scientific and technological enterprise like RAMON, make some scientific and technological inventions of your own, and contribute to the scientific and technological development of our country!"

At the CEO's exchange meeting on June 2, Mr. Tian Lu put his heart and soul into his words and sowed the seeds of dreams in children's hearts. Although they are reluctant to part, through this activity, the children and volunteers have formed a deep friendship, and will further deepen their contacts in the future. The children also increase their self-confidence and broaden their view in the activity.

   This is the sixth year that Mr. Tian Lu launched the public welfare activity of caring for children. Mr. Tian Lu, who has been teaching at Nanhua University for many years, has been promoting "caring for the next generation" as an important thing. From the activities of educating parents and children within the company staff to the public welfare activities of giving back to the society, Mr. Tian Lu always attended each activity in person. In the future, RAMON will strive to fulfill its social responsibility and carry out the public welfare to the end.

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