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The first "RAMON Scholarship" was awarded in RAMON Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan

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   On Nov. 23, 2013, at the 20th anniversary of the founding of RAMON, the first "RAMON Scholarship" award ceremony was held in RAMON.

   "RAMON Scholarship" is an award signed by RAMON Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan with the College of Materials Science and Engineering, the College of Powder Metallurgy, the College of Information Science and Engineering and the College of Metallurgy and Environment in December 2012, in order to support the development of higher education in China. It aims to help the students with excellent character and learning to complete their studies smoothly, encourage them to study hard.

   In the afternoon of that day, Hu Xiaoqing, deputy party secretary of the college of Materials and other leaders and teachers led all the winning students to gather in RAMON, attended the company's celebration launching ceremony, visited the company's 20-year development process, and watched the annual celebration Thanksgiving performance. Mr. Tian Lu, the CEO of RAMON, expressed his heartfelt congratulations to all the winning students and said that enterprises should strengthen exchanges and cooperation with colleges, especially key universities such as Central South University, to help college cultivate more outstanding talents and make contributions to the country and society. He also said that the important purpose of setting up scholarships in Central South China is to attract outstanding students of the college in advance, contribute to the scientific and technological innovation of the company. Li Zhenguo, an award-winning graduate student in the College of Materials, expressed his gratitude to RAMON and the college, and determined to work harder and make contributions to the college and the society. In the art performance, the student representatives of the College of Materials performed "Jasmine", which won applause.

   At the end of the ceremony, the students said that they listened to the company's 20 years of entrepreneurial history, felt the struggle of its scientific and technological innovation, and strengthened their faith and determination to work hard for their dreams.

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