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The entrepreneur branch of Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University was officially established

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The entrepreneur branch of Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University was officially established

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   At about 3:00 p.m. on August 10, 2018, RAMON Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan was full of friends. Since the Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University decided to establish an entrepreneur branch and a preparatory group in August 2018, it took more than a year's hard planning. The establishment meeting and the first general meeting of the enterpreneur branch of Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University were successfully held here.

   The formal establishment of the entrepreneur branch will further unite the alumni entrepreneurs in Hunan. On the same day, nearly 60 alumni entrepreneurs who are very representative of the industry attended the event and jointly decided to pass a series of important issues.

   ince the preparatory group effectively carried out its work in August last year, the working group has contacted more than 100 alumni entrepreneurs from various industries such as science and technology, real estate, investment, education, etc., and received the attention and support of many alumni.

   At the meeting, all people made positive comments and held a highly responsible attitude around the topic, unanimously deliberated and passed the articles of association of entrepreneur branch of Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University, and elected 43 directors.

   The board of directors voted to elect Tian Lu as president and Zhang Xuebin as executive president, elect Xu Hongbo and Liu Hongbo as executive vice presidents, elect Li Jindong, Tan liqiu, Zhang xiongbo, Yan Fazi, Wang Haibo, Li Songguang, Luo Ming, Wang Feng, Xiao Yong and Huang Jiahui as vice presidents.

                                        Tian Lu                         Zhang Xuebin

   After recommendation and election, the president office composed of president, executive president, executive vice president, vice president and secretary general decided to employ eight outstanding alumni, including Liu Qingsong, Zhang Tianming, Zhou Lei, Liu Lang, Guo Zhenjun, Shan Changqing, Liu Jia, Jiang Jianxiang, as consultants.

   Zhou Xuzhou was invited as honorary president. Zhou Xuzhou readily agreed and said that he would strongly support the development of the entrepreneur branch.

Left: Zhou Xuzhou Right: Tian Lu

   After being nominated by the president of the entrepreneur branch, Zhang Xuebin was elected as secretary general.

   Secretary general Zhang Xuebin informed the board of the deputy secretary general's personnel, namely Mao Jilin, Liu Jun, Yi Fengping, He Jun, Li Jing and Chen Jianhui.

   After the completion of the election process, the guests of Changsha Alumni Association and the members of the president office of the entrepreneur branch jointly issued certificates to all members, directors, members of the president office and consultants.

   After the meeting, president Tian Lu, on behalf of Changsha Alumni Association, issued the honorary president certificate to Zhou Xuzhou. At the same time, the board deliberated and approved the activity planning scheme and budget for August 17.

   The formal establishment of entrepreneur branch of Changsha Alumni Association of Wuhan University is not only the result of the hard work of Changsha Alumni Association and its preparatory group, but also the strong support of Alumni Association and many well-known alumni. What's more, the strong feelings and enthusiasm of alumni entrepreneurs in Hunan.