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World’s First Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System by RAMON


World’s First Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System by RAMON

World’s First Electric Mould Non-sinusoidal Oscillation System by RAMON

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 After the success of automatic stopper digital control system, Professor Tian Zhiheng creatively applied electric actuator technology to mould oscillation. There was hydraulic type mould oscillation at that time. Theoretically, electric mould oscillation system had several advantages, such as high accuracy, good synchronization, rapid installation, and less maintenance. But this technology has never been applied to mould oscillation all over the world. These advantages have never been tested and verified. Jiuquan Steel was “the first person to try tomato” at that time. Jiu Steel invited tenders domestically to bid for the electric mould non-sinusoidal oscillation system (EMNOS for short hereinafter).

 Since RAMON electric actuator stopper automatic control system has been applied to Jiu Steel for more than a year, Jiu Steel had deep understanding and great trust in RAMON electric actuator technology. In addition, both parties had successful communication on the technical proposal of EMNOS. Finally Jiu Steel adopted RAMON EMNOS technology, which was the first EMNOS throughout the world.

Before the commissioning of EMNOS at Jiu Steel, RAMON’s engineer Mr. Xie Junhua and Mr. Chen Haiyun, together with project members and engineering personnel were quartered at the steel plant for 3 months to complete the previous revamping of the mould. It was extremely cold in the northwest in winter. However, as southerners, they only wore a thin sweater and didn’t bring down jacket with them, they felt frozen cold. They insisted on sticking to their position regardless of the severe coldness and were fully prepared for the commissioning to guarantee the complete success.

 Just on the night before the commissioning, the technician also checked out one potential hidden danger in time in order not to affect the commissioning on the next day. Professor Mr. Tian Zhiheng, deputy general manger Ms. Tian Li and general manager Mr. Zhou Yonghui held meeting with other project members overnight to discuss the solutions. Deputy general manager Ms. Tian Li personally did the programming and all other engineers struggled hard the whole night together. The problem was finally solved before the commissioning.

Though the process is hard, the result turned to be cheerful. After the successful commissioning of RAMON EMNOS on Dec. 26th, Jiu Steel has solved the breakout problem. The original warehouse, which used to be full with spare parts, was spacious. Owing to the considerable economic benefits brought to the customers, RAMON EMNOS was later popularized in Jiu Steel. Nowadays, EMNOS has become the star product of RAMON and been successfully applied to over 800 strands throughout the world.

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   Mr. Jia Huachuan

   Equipment department chief of Jiu Steel

 RAMON’s first electric mould non-sinusoidal oscillation system (EMNOS) for slab was applied to Jiu Steel. This system has created great economic benefits for Jiu Steel in several ways, including solving the problem of oscillating platform vibration, increasing the casting speed and improving the slab quality. I hope RAMON will make persistent efforts to develop cutting-edge technologies and high-tech products so as to create greater value for the national metallurgical industry!