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RAMON’s First Stopper Digital Control System

RAMON’s First Stopper Digital Control System

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 In the early 90s, the domestic steel companies have not been contented with the constant level control. In order to improve the cast product quality, the steel mills are in urgent need of automatic stopper control system to realize constant level constant speed control. Mr. Tian Lu, CEO of RAMON, was very bullish about the market prospects of automatic stopper control system, therefore he resolutely decided to independently develop the system.

2000, at the invitation of Ye Feng, factory manager of Shanghai No.5 Steel Plant, CEO Tian began the development of automatic stopper control system, together with the engineer Mr. Du Kaifa. At that time, Director Ye not only allowed them to do the onsite experiments, but also sent an engineer, Tian Guanqing, from technology department of No.5 Steel Plant for assistance. Every week, Director Ye asked about the project progress and kept encouraging CEO Tian to give them confidence.

 Due to the limit of funds, and also for the convenience of experiments, CEO Tian and engineer Du lived in a large area half-underground hostel. During the day, they, together with engineer Tian Guanqing, early went to the steel plant, shouldering the electric actuator, instrument and cables for commissioning. After the workers got off work, they modified the programs in the basement according to the experiment carried out in the day. CEO Tian and engineer Du have been busy for the whole year, from the design of electric cylinder, PLC programming, to the model selection of equipments. Whatever setbacks they have encountered during the commissioning process, they have tried to overcome. A year later, RAMON successfully developed its own automatic stopper control system.

 When the technical researchers from Chongqing institute heard about their arriving for project bidding, they persuaded CEO Tian, “We’ve generally decided the supplier and have conducted communication with them for three times and onsite inspection for four times. We ask you to come over merely to take a part (accompanying bidding).” Then CEO Tian asked, “How much chance do we have?” They kindly replied “Maybe 1%.” CEO Tian confidently told them “As long as there is 1% chance, we will do 100% effort.”

 So every day it can be seen that CEO Tian led vice general manager Tian Li and Song Tao to each department of Chongqing institute to introduce the technical advantages of RAMON automatic stopper control system. They have insisted for a month, day after day. Finally they have introduced it to everyone they have met. As the technical researchers of Chongqing institute got deeper understanding of the product, they gradually turned to support RAMON one by one. In the last two days of the bidding, Mr. Yu Weijing, dean of the institute, went to Chengdu Seamless Steel Pipe Plant( called at that time) for the on-site inspection of RAMON product. After inspection, Dean Yu immediately declared “RAMON wins the bidding!”

      Sharing our stories

      Mr. Ye Feng

      Former factory technical director of Shanghai No.5 Steel Plant

 At that time our plant (Shanghai No.5 steel plant) wanted to achieve the nationalization of mould level measurement and control system. What a coincidence that RAMON was developing this technology. Due to the limitation of investment, we’d like to borrow a set for experiment. Then I invited Mr. Tian Lu (CEO of RAMON) to our plant to do experiment. I remembered that we only applied for fifteen thousand R&D fund. CEO Tian only asked for 5000. Despite the difficult conditions, CEO Tian stayed at the factory with our technicians for a whole year. RAMON have been set up for 20 years in a flash. I wish RAMON will play a bigger role in the field of continuous casting and make greater contribution to the continuous casting career of our country.

      Mr. Yu Weijiang

      Deputy Dean of former Chongqing Iron & Steel Designing Institute

  “People of RAMON are very dedicated! They all work desperately! At that time, there are few companies like RAMON! Honestly speaking, we’ve already decided to use another company’s products at that time. However, RAMON still persevered in striving for the project in the case of little hope. It shows two points. Firstly, RAMON has great confidence in its own technology. Secondly, the leader of RAMON understands the importance of persistence. Nothing is impossible to a determined man. Therefore, we are more relieved to give this project to RAMON. How time flies! It has been 20 years since RAMON’s establishment. I wish RAMON will become better and better, to be one of the preferred technical service providers!