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Active at “Mingyue Everlasting Love”, Conquer “Wugong Mountaintop”----RAMON Hengyang


Active at “Mingyue Everlasting Love”, Conquer “Wugong Mountaintop”----RAMON Hengyang

Active at “Mingyue Everlasting Love”, Conquer “Wugong Mountaintop”----RAMON Hengyang

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      Watch the show of “Mingyue Everlasting Love”, conquer “Wugong mountaintop”——pursue dreams with one heart, climb the mountaintop with bravery. On June 15, 2019, RAMON staff from Hengyang headquarter came to Wugong mountain for team building activity which is held by human resource department of Hengyang headquarter. This two-day activity is aimed to promote cultural quality, strengthen staff communication and enhance team cohesion which includes to watch the show of mega song and dance performance, tour in Everlasting-love Theme Park of Song City, challenge the hanging glass trestle and compete for climbing the mountaintop, etc.

      RAMON staff came to Jiangxi for Song City & Mingyue Everlasting-love show which highlighted the quality of Song City and the characteristics of Yichun. We heard the beautiful singing of “Wish the lovers long live, eternal love and happiness”, witnessed the love in distance between Chang’ e and Houyi, watched the perfection in Ceramic skill, and impressed by the women behind Red Revolution and heroes. We were delighted for the wonderful show, moved by actors’ talented performance and convinced by the scene, so deeply involved in and obsessed, that still lost in the scene after the show, although we can not keep watching the show for thousands of times, we still can feel the affection though thousands years without regret.

      We took car to Shixi Bird Garden Farm for dinner after enjoyed the everlasting-love show. Birds Garden has a beautiful environment which is surrounded by green water, with waterfalls cascading down and rippled stream. Children played on the path of field, watched a variety of birds flying and fish swimming in the clear stream, children’s cheers and laughter are filled with the farm. The open-air KTV equipment in the farm attracts the colleagues who like singing , the beautiful singing along with laughter makes the original quiet farm become active.

      The Wugong mountain rises about 1900 meters above sea level, the steep mountain path is rugged and rough, however, RAMON staff defied the difficulties with forged team spirit, encouraged to each other and set out for mountaintop. “Here is wonderful Wugong mountain, here are RAMON staff coming”, under the cloudless blue sky, there were toughly struggling RAMON staff for climbing the mountaintop, they set a blistering pace with a heroic posture and unyielding and challenging RAMON spirit to take the lead, conquered one mountain after another. “Only when you stand on the top of the highest mountain, you can see others are small”, they take the ambition and passion with individual and company glory, will conquer one technology mountain after another in the future.